Why make a Corporate Web Site Video? 

The only reason for a corporate web video is to sell a product, service or an idea.

About anyone, just with an iPhone, can create a video – just like most can design a brochure or write some words for an advertisement. But, knowing how to craft a video that tells an important message and means something to your product’s target market, that is what is what you should be paying for when you invest in a corporate video. The video that can be created with a smartphone and someone with little skill will turn out to be just an average video, at best.

Average videos don’t stand out and they will most likely look and sound like pretty well every other video on every other web site. They still get watched, some will impart important information, and present ideas for discussion, but they are unlikely to win the hearts and minds of your target audience. It is your image that is at stake and the quality of the message and look and feel of our videos will install that image in the audiences mind.

Simply good looking videos may be just that, good looking but not relate the message that sells your product or service. After all, selling the product is the reason you wanted to create the corporate video in the first place.

If the goal for your corporate video is to sell your product, service or idea, you need a video that makes you want to keep watching while also selling the merits of the products you are promoting.

What you need is a video production facility that has the right equipment and expertise to craft the good looking corporate video that has “the” message.

Web Site video


You are selling the idea that your company is knowledgable about the topics in the video, the better the message is at selling that idea, the more value the image of your company

Get creative, arrange to make beautiful and entertaining videos but make sure your video is selling the product service or an idea, otherwise you are wasting wasting your money.



What we offer

Get in touch with us to see how we can give you our expertise and create your Corporate web video that will sell your message, make your company look and not break they bank


Our hourly rate for filming within the Sydney Metro area is $90.00 per hour with a minimum fee of $180.00. Edits are an extra $45.00 per hour.

We believe that you don’t need to spend the earth to achieve a 2-3 minute clip that can be on your web page with a couple of days. $300- $400.00 is the likely cost – that includes an introduction title animation was well as animated names of interviewees.

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